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The Poe Studies Association, established in 1972, provides a forum for the scholarly and informal exchange of information on Edgar Allan Poe, his life, and works.

The Poe Studies Association currently has a membership of approximately 300, which includes scholars and Poe enthusiasts from the United States and abroad. The President is Paul Lewis (Boston College); the Vice President is Amy Branam Armiento (Frostburg State University); the Secretary is Travis D. Montgomery (Oklahoma Christian University); the Treasurer is Carole Shaffer-Koros (Emerita, Kean University); Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee are Emron Esplin (Brigham Young University) and Cristina Pérez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); the Editor of The Edgar Allan Poe Review is Barbara Cantalupo; and the Immediate Past President is Philip Edward Phillips (Middle Tennessee State University).

The PSA meets at the yearly conferences of the American Literature Association in May and the Modern Language Association in January. The PSA holds its annual business meeting and sponsors two panels related to Poe at the American Literature Association Conference, and it has one guaranteed panel at the Modern Language Association Conference, with a possible second panel accepted.

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