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The PSA meets at the yearly conferences of the Modern Language Association in December and the American Literature Association in May. The PSA sponsors two panels related to Poe at the American Literature Association Conference in May and has one guaranteed panel at the Modern Language Association Conference in January, with a possible second panel accepted.

Modern Language Conference Abstracts

The Fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference will be held in February 2015 in New York City co-chaired by Barbara Cantalupo and Richard Kopley. For more information visit the conference site.

Call for Papers for the Fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference

Proposals are invited for the Fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference to be held in New York City at the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th Street near Madison Avenue (http://www.theroosevelthotel.com/) Thursday, February 26 to Sunday, March 1, 2015.  Our PSA-sponsored conferences have been located at cities where Poe lived and worked, and we have been slowly moving up the East Coast from Richmond (1999) to Baltimore (2002) to Philadelphia (2009), and now we will explore Manhattan, where Poe enjoyed fame from his publication of “The Raven” and ownership of a literary magazine, The Broadway Journal.

Possible topics include:

Poe in New York City
Poe’s Reading
Poe’s Influence on American Literature
Poe’s Influence Abroad
Poe Illustration
Poe’s Allusions
Poe and the Culture Wars
Poe and Literary Form
Poe and Women
Poe and Race
Poe and Class
Poe and the Detective Story
Poe and Lyric Poetry
Poe and the Novel
Poe and Science Fiction
Poe and the Gothic
Poe and Humor
Poe and the Visual Arts
Poe and the Performing Arts
Poe and His Contemporaries
Poe and Politics
Poe and Cosmology
Poe as Editor
Poe and the Book Review
Poe and Journalism
Poe and Today’s Students
Poe and His Family
Poe and Childhood
Poe and the Digital Archives
Poe and the Dusty Archives
Poe’s Bankruptcy
Poe and the Performing Arts
Poe’s Correspondence
Poe Scholars
Poe Biographies
Poe Collecting
Poe and Popular Culture
Poe and Comic Books
Poe and the Graphic Novel

Please send double-spaced, 250-word abstracts, with the subject heading “2015 Poe Conference,” to Richard Kopley at rxk3@psu.edu by June 1, 2014.


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