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Penn State Specialist Certificate:
Teaching Writing & Literacy

Join a community of educators from all content areas for Penn State Lehigh Valley's Specialist Certificate: Teaching Writing and Literacy, a 15-credit post-baccalaureate program offered through the Lehigh Valley Writing Project. Similar in design to the Pennsylvania Department of Education's range of educational endorsements, the Specialist Certificate: Teaching Writing and Literacy is designed to afford educators deep study in all aspects of literacy instruction. The certificate contains twelve core credits plus a 3-credit elective concentration for a 15-credit certificate with classes being held at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus in Center Valley. Participants may pursue their National Writing Project Fellowship with the optional 3-credit capstone course.

EDUC 452 Teaching Writing (3 credits)
The first course in the series offers techniques for teaching the writing process, kindergarten through grade 12, including writing in the content areas and incorporating the Common Core State Standards. 
This course is the prerequisite for EDUC 463, 425, and 477.

EDUC 463 The Internet and K-12 Education (3 credits)
The focus of this course is educational theory and practice applied to the Internet, relating content from writing theory, educational foundations, curriculum, and research. Prerequisite: EDUC 452
EDUC 425 Literacy Assessment (3 credits)
This course emphasizes alternative literacy measures for assessing writing, specifically focusing on portfolio and performance evaluation for classroom and large scale assessment. Prerequisite: EDUC 452

EDUC 477 Teaching Struggling Readers and Writers (3 credits)
This course offers a comprehensive overview of learning problems and effective strategies for teaching K-12 students who have difficulties reading and writing. Prerequisite: EDUC 452

EDUC 432 Children's Literature in Teaching Writing (3 credits)
Participants will learn methods for transferring writing skills and literary devices from literature to student writing in all subject areas. No prerequisites

EDUC 464 Technology and the Learning Process (3 credits)
This course examines and evaluates the relationship between technology-based resources and learning theories. No prerequisites

EDUC 497 Using a Writer's Notebook to Empower Writers (3 credits)
This course will explore the endless possibilities of using a writer's notebook to strengthen and broaden both student writing and classroom instruction. Best suited for grades kindergarten 8th. No prerequisites

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