Literacy Lab – Adventures in reading, writing, experimenting, and summer fun focusing on helpful skills for young learners. (a.m.)

Splash Lab – Swimming lessons and activities at the Swim-In Zone. (p.m.)


Travel the World – Our senses take us on a travel adventure around the globe while our pens create the tales of Germany, Mongolia, Argentina, Iceland, and more… come write the world this summer! (a.m.)

Drama Dabblers – Reading, acting, writing plays! That's what this camp is all about. (p.m.)

Splash Lab – Swimming lessons and activities at the Swim-In Zone. (p.m.)


Clay and Sculptural Creations – Discover the world of three-dimensional art. Explore sculptural form working with a variety of materials. (a.m.)

Comedy Writers: Let's Get Punny! – From puns to parodies, explore humor writing by reading works that will make you laugh out loud and publishing your own funny stories. (a.m.)

Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting Pop-up Books – Create drawings and paintings that will become part of a pop-up book. (p.m.)

Tales and Trails of Treasure Hunting – Hunt for caches, design containers, and discover more about the many types of treasure hunts that await the adventurous. (p.m.)


Rocketry – Learn the principles of how rockets work as well as how to design and build model rockets. (a.m.)

Robotics – Spend the afternoon in our Engneering Lab, beginning with a classroom lesson, followed by hands-on lab activities. (p.m.)

Small Beams of Light – Learn how children and the stories they created kept hope alive in the dystopian world of the Holocaust. (a.m.)

Sports Writing – Grab your notebook, camera, and pen and huddle up! Learn to write game stories, human interest/feature stories and opinion columns. We'll look at videos, create videos, play outside, read books and magazines and work with guest speakers from the world of sports. An evening field trip is in the works. (p.m.)

ENTERING GRADES 9, 10, 11 & 12

High School Writers Workshop – A true writing workshop in which writers create and share their writing. Work in any genre and on any aspect of writing you'd like to pursue. Daily readings from writers, both famous and otherwise, are included. (a.m.)

S3 Sultry Summer Solutions – Open the doors to hidden math patterns, brain teasers, and more in this summer camp that offers math enrichment, graphing calculators, and SAT review for a range of abilities and interests. (p.m.)


*Extended care option available mornings beginning at
8 a.m. and afternoons until 5:30 p.m. Monday through
Thursday and 5 p.m. Fridays*

Each camp is designed and taught by Penn State Lehigh Valley faculty
and/or Lehigh Valley Writing Project Fellows.

For more information, contact:

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