The Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project is a member site of the National Writing Project. The NWP is a network of sites anchored at colleges and universities and serving educators across disciplines and at all levels, early childhood through university. We provide professional development, develop resources, generate research, and act on knowledge to improve the teaching of writing and learning in schools and communities.

In addition to developing a cadre of local teacher-leaders through Invitational Summer Institutes, the LVWP designs and delivers customized in-service programs for local schools, districts, and related educational collaborators, and provides a diverse array of continuing education and research opportunities for teachers at all levels.

For information on how you can access LVWP's dynamic network of experienced Teacher Consultants, contact Stephanie Bell, Professional Development Coordinator at 610 285 5239 or ssb160@psu.edu. Be sure to friend us on Facebook!

Penn State Specialist Certificate:
Teaching Writing & Literacy

Join a community of educators from all content areas for Penn State Lehigh Valley's Specialist Certificate: Teaching Writing & Literacy, a 15-credit postbaccalaureate program offered through the Lehigh Valley Writing Project. Similar in design to the Pennsylvania Department of Education's range of educational endorsements, this certificate is designed to afford educators deep study in all aspects of literacy instruction. The program contains twelve core credits plus a 3-credit elective concentration for a 15-credit certificate with classes being held at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus in Center Valley. Register by calling 610-285-5060.

Writing Wisdom
from the World

We had 65 educators on campus this summer for the Three Days/Three Modes Academies in July.  Each academy spent three days taking a close look and practicing the writing standard for each mode of writing – narrative, informative, and argument.

Some of the “takeaways” participants cited include:

“In order to help my students become writers, I must lead the life of a writer myself.  Engaging in the writing activities today totally changed my outlook towards writing. I entered this morning with a feeling of trepidation and am leaving now with a sense of empowerment and enjoyment.”

“I need to share more of my writing with the students.  I have to demonstrate struggles with writing so that the kids also understand that it is not just they who have difficulty.”

“CCSS is not the enemy!  It has the domains inside – we only need to pull them out.”

“Today confirmed the belief that I already have in the importance of modeling and “writing beside” our students.  Teachers need to feel, at least occasionally, the anxiety and difficulty that inevitably arises when we sit down to write, especially under a time constraint.”

“Write with the kids, get them involved, respect their ideas.  Model. Model. Model.  I’m excited to integrate these ideas.”

“I need to use more mentor texts to address author’s craft.”

“Modeling struggles is as beneficial as highlighting “what good writers do.”

“I like how the standards are K-12 because it sets a goal that is met at the ability of the child to move forward.  Then each year is an increasing of maturity for their writing.  It makes it seem very achievable.”

 “I want to familiarize my students more with the Common Core State Standards so that they understand why we do the things we do in the classroom.”


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