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It is that time of year again, back to school shopping! In groups of 4-5 students, you will be required to complete 3 missions related to shopping and saving money. In each of these missions, you will be required to be the smartest shopper you can be. Each mission will provide you with a shopping list and places where you can buy your items. 

You have no spending limit, but do not get too excited just yet! The group that is able to complete all 3 missions and purchase all items required with the least amount of money wins! Your goal is to complete all 3 missions and along the way learn about the value of money and the importance of managing your finances.

Before completing the three missions, each group must read the following. Reading these texts will help you understand the importance of saving money and its value, as well as banking advice.
Resource Page
sesameworkshop.org - #7 Shopping and Budgeting
bankingadvice.com/teach-children-about-saving-money-early/ - Banking advice
Book: Money for Food (Your Piggy Bank: a Guide to Spending & Saving for Kids!) [Library Binding] Written by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann, Jennie Forsberg (Editor), and Diane Craig (Contributor)

Be sure to print the GRAPH to keep track of all your spending throughout your missions!



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By: Christine Nemeh, Jessica Snyder, & Allison Ball


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