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Sr. Archeologists




UnidentifieD Headless Statue Found!

Dear Junior Archeologists,

       We have discovered a headless statue in a temple near Pirgos, Greece.  Please see the attached photo of the statue. We have dated the temple to be from the era when Ancient Greek Mythology was the dominant religion. We need your expert research skills to aid us in deciding who this could possibly have been. Attached are some resources to help with your research to identify the statue for this headless wonder.

       Please create a presentation that would provide adequate support and detail to demystify this wonder. Find evidence to support or deny the identity of the statue. Present your research to your classmates and choose the most plausible identity. This will greatly help us to determine the identity of the headless statue. We are depending on your research to solve this mystery.

Happy Hunting,


Dr.  I. Diggembones



The Greek Jr. Archeological Society


The Greek Jr. Archeological Society
Discovery made 
near Pigros!-I.D.