“To Infinity...and Beyond!”

-Buzz Lightyear


 It is year 3,000 and the population on planet Earth has grown to a profuse amount, and we are running out of room for people on Earth! Due to the technological advances in the past centuries it is now possible to live on other planets! But which planet do people want to go to?


Your mission is to conduct sufficient research of a planet and create a travel brochure containing all the important information of your chosen planet, including basic facts, interesting facts and proper attire.


Pre-Flight Requirements:

Before you begin, you must decide with your crew members which planet you’d like to travel to. After your crew has chosen a planet, check in with Mission Control (your teacher) to sign off that the planet is still available. Only one planet per group.











Once your planet is locked in, your crew must Create a Badge that includes your crew name and a symbol of your choice that will be attached to all of your work.



Then divide your team into individual roles:

Navigator x2: There will be 2 navigators per crew. They are in charge of the computer, moving the mouse around and typing on the computer during research.


Data Recorder: In charge of recording all data found legibly and accurately on the provided data sheets. Be careful, incorrect data recorded could result in mission failure (or lower grades). You are also in charge of handing in all paperwork and attaching the badge to all submitted paper work.


Project Engineer x2: Gathers all the materials needed to create the space suit and brochure. This person is takes on the creative aspect of the brochure which includes gathering pictures and making sure the crew badge is displayed somewhere on the brochure. Pictures need to be gathered to represent every mission.


*These roles differ every mission, so be sure to check them to make sure you know specifically what you need to be doing.


Remember, you are a Crew. You work together as a team to complete every mission. Once every mission is completed, fellow Earthlings will be able to move to your chosen planet. Good Luck with your search, Over and Out!


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