†††††††† Your class has just returned from an exciting fieldtrip to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.† During the live-raptor program you learned that many birds of prey have been on the endangered species list.† Ms. Species, the park ranger, discussed the scientific classification of birds of prey, and described the terms extinct, endangered and protected.

†††††††† Your class wants to be a part of helping others learn how to keep Pennsylvania birds of prey from becoming endangered or worse yet, extinct.† The class decided to ask Mrs. Kingdom, the school principal, for permission to hold a school assembly.† Ms. Species agreed to bring live examples of Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Falcons and Vultures.† Your mission, as a class, is to give a presentation to the school body describing the birds of prey.† You must also provide solid evidence as to why it is important and what we can do, to insure Pennsylvania birds have a healthy and supportive environment.

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