Environmental Pollution: 

Exploring the Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Mission One:  Land Pollution               Mission Two:  Air Pollution             Mission Three:  Water Pollution            Mission Four:  Radioactive Pollution



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Attention students!  The environment needs your assistance!  As a class, we will study the effects of four types of pollution on our environment: land pollution, air pollution, water pollution and radioactive pollution.  We will also determine what causes these types of pollution and what can be done to limit the damage done by each. 

The class will be separated into four groups.  Each group of students will explore one of the four types of environmental pollution.  Once mission research is completed, each group will create both an art project and language arts project based on the group’s research.  As a culminating activity, the groups will present and display their projects to the school community at our upcoming “Environmental Fair 2008.”

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