Dear Students,

††††††† WeatherNet is predicting that there are going to be tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis all over the world! Therefore, after reviewing your job applications, we have decided to give you the responsibility of informing the world about the coming natural disasters!

††††††† Your groupís assignment:

 Inform the world why these disasters are happening in a convincing way.

 Show evidence of the damages from past disasters so the world knows how serious this is!

 Inform the people how to prepare and protect themselves.

 Inform the world where these disasters have occurred in the past to determine where they might occur in the future.

 Research and/or interview people who have experienced natural disasters and use that information to convince others of how it affects peopleís lives.

Once you have collected all of this information, you will create a documentary video that will be shown to the rest of the world. Use as much information as possible to convince the people of how dangerous these disasters will be and how they can be prepared. Good luck with your research and video production!

WeatherNet thanks you!