I Understand. I Was There, Too

The stories I have read are very sad. I want to, so much, reach out & help you all.
Especially the one titled ' I Am A Runaway.' And it's true there are many people that go through the same thing, if not, then in very simular ways. I too, can witness to this story, in a somewhat simular way, only my story, was more or less about mental abuse then physical abuse. Even though physical abuse is worse, mental abuse does take its toll on the human mind.

You see I was in a foster home for nearly 8 years from the ages 6-13. State took us away from my dad because he had a hard time taking care of us. I left my foster home to go back to live with my dad at the age of 13. If I had known what was good for me, I would have stayed in my foster home.

Anyways I came to be the new kid in town. I had exspected to have some problems making new friends, but none the less I also expected to make some new friends as well. The joke was on me, I made none. I got into a lot of fights, fights that I did not start, but would get blamed for starting them. So I was in trouble with the Principal alot. My dad, never believed anything I would tell him. The only thing that he believed was, in the Principal. Adult to adult, kids automatically tell lies. That is how I started to view my dad. Being that my brothers were too young to really understand, and I had no friends to rely on, and my own dad & stepmother would not listen to me, I started to feel like I had know one to turn to, know one to relate with. I wanted to go back to my foster home I was last at. I was starting to suffer with depression. My foster home said that there was no way they could take me back at the time. Something to do with the State would not allow it.

Then I got raped by my step brother. That really threw me into shock, but I think the worst part was when my dad did nothing about it, except to take me to some doctor to get me checked out. That's when I snapped. That's when I decided that this world is very big, surely there is some one out there who cares, someone out there that will love me, someone out there that I could become friends with.

Boy! Was I in for another cold awakening. But it never stopped me from running. Why, because I was running from myself. I couldn't understand why the people in this world could be so cold. But, I consider myself to be a very lucky person to be alive today. The things I' ve been through, the things I've seen. And many times I have luckily escaped death. I was a constant runaway from the ages 14-19. I hitch hiked here & there.

And believe it or not I hated every bit of it. But I didn't give up Hope in looking for what I was looking for, {love & true friends}. Though I never did find it, during those years of being a runaway {because I looked in the wrong places}.

But I did find it. I found it when I opened the Holy Bible. There He was, The Amighty Father, with all the love & all the care that I was looking for. And what did He do for me? He gave me shelter, He gave me Food, He even offered to be my friend. He was everything I was looking for, He is everything I need.

You young people out there, when times seem to be at the most ugliest that it can be, when you are running from whatever it may be, if you are running for your life, if you are coming face to face with death. Then know this, in the name of Jesus Christ, say a prayer to The Almighty Father, if someone is atacking you or chasing you to do you harm, yell out His name Almighty Father, Jehovah, or say it silently, whatever makes you feel at ease. He will hear the children, He will hear the ones who want to turn their life around, who want live according to His way. And the best part of all is, you can trust in Him. If anyone ever needed a hero, He's The Mightiest One around.

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