The Obvious Runaway Story

When I was 13 I started running away frequently.... alot! I got kicked out of the house when I was 14, for not believing in "God".

I lived with every b/f I ever had... it amounts to about 3! Living on the streets was just a part of my destiny I thought... sleeping in abondoned buildings with friends I met on the streets was apart of my life. I got into heroin at age 14, and my habit got to about 250$ a day. How can a homeless 14 year old get that much money one wonders? I never prostituted, but I did sit outside strip joints and other places asking for money playing my guitar. By the time I was 15, I had been raped 4 times, threatened more than I can count, I've seen seven people die... and one was my best friend, and I almost got killed twice. I had my share of the streets and I wanted to go back home, I lived in Seattle, homeless. But where my family lived was california, so I hopped trains back home... I will be sixteen in December 01... and I am still living at home.. off of heroin, and I'm gonna get my G.E.D. soon.

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