The Time I Ran Away Was Truly Hell!

The time I ran a way was really expected. You see I had a pretty good life. I have a brother and 2 young parents. My brother was 3 the first time I ran away but that was only for a day (I was 11). I stayed at a friend's house and couldn't take it so I went home and said that I could have sworn that I told them I was staying over (grounded for a month!).

Well, you see, I wasn't into anything then. I was a good girl, a spoiled brat. I didn't get what I wanted. I decided to leave.

But then about a year later my life changed! I started drinking, smoking, hanging out with older guys. My parents were furious! I was going to parties, this was going on for like a year. Then when I was 13, me and my best"es friend (I'm going to leave her nameless) (noticeful reasons) well, we started getting into anything and everything! I had a 17 year old boyfriend. He got me anything I needed. All I had to do is ask. I barely ever hanged out with people my own age besides k. and j. and of course A. (my best friend's nickname ). Well, I was about to turn 14, my boyfriend was about to turn 18, and a. was about to turn 14, too.

Then my parents decided I no longer was allowed to see anyone older again! Well, hell if I'm going to fucking have my bitchy ass parents tell me I couldn't see any of my friends or my BOYFRIEND. I LOVED HIM!!(still do) So we started sneakin out to see them. We waited about a month (still keepin contacted). My parents thought we were going good again. They didn't know we were doing most of the stuff we were doing.

So then we started sneaking out again, going back on the drugs we were on, drinking, smokin, anything. Then that's when we ran away. My parents didn't know that we were working on this for like ever. They didn't know our friends, none of their names, nothing, nada. It was going to be perfect!

We got all of our clothes in one bag, all our money in our hidden pockets. We had knifes in hidden pockets, our drugs. We had peper spera. We had it all. Then we bought two plane tickets under two fake names and my boy friend came along too. We were meeting up with him in another location. We got off our plane in California. Oh and if you're wondering where we put the stuff- in our pockets of the jeans we had in the bags that were in cargo so we didnt get caught.

We got up with my boyfriend he had friends in California. Oh and my parents hadn't any idea that I had known anyone there, that's why we went there. So as you see we thought there would be no way anyone would find us. But this is where it went to hell.

Ok. it seems that money doesn't last long when you are 14 and in california. My boyfriend and myself were fighting because I was letting guys do whatever to me. Well I didnt give a shit. A. was pregnet with her new boyfriend (that was actually with her for nearly a year). I was doing anything for money cause we needed it even though my boy friend was old enough for a job, w
e were on the run and always doing something so he lost them and didn't even try again.

Then he started selling drugs with his friend. I became the prostitute that is always there, you know, but my boyfriend's boss always wanted me to be with him and not my boyfriend so I didnt see him much. The boss was like 28. I was around 15 and looked about 17 or 18 so it didn't look too obvious. A. lost her baby and her boyfriend so she and me became prostitute. Then my boy friend got arrested and put in jail. A's boyfriend just kidda dissapeared. I'm not sure. They had us on so much shit it realy was messed up. I was at so many parties

But it was all too much for me really. I was tired of it. I started to sober up, pretended to take the stuff they gave me (so did a.). We realized that the stuff they wanted us to do we had no memory of doing before, so we knew we had to have been screwed with pretty hard, but we had to do it or they would suspect.

Then when they put us up for the night in some hotel we decided to run from it all , leave, get out of there. So we did but it wasn't easy, really it wasn't. We had but 300 between us both. That wouldn't cover us a plane ticket, so we hitchhicked, got raped by truckers and freaks that we stayed with, then finally about 5 days after we decided to run away from what we ran away to, we were in our home town again . Not much changed there, well not at least the town, but the people did. But so did we.

When we got home we went to my parent's house first. Hers weren't home at first so we went to mine. When we rang the door bell my little brother opened the door . You could tell he knew who we were but he seemed scared. He was 7 almost 8. He started to cry. I was already in tears,so was a. We were like sisters, and he was our brother. We loved him. We couldn't believe we had left. My mom came to the door. She asked him what was wrong, looked at who was at the door, and started crying. She pulled the both of us into the door and yelled for my grandma. It was all too much to bear. A. and myself were so scared of what was going to happen, but so happy it was happening. My grandma was crying. We were all crying. My brother thought we had gone away to some far away school, and he was trying to tell us how much had happened. My mom was trying to tell him to be quiet. I just said let him. I was so happy to hear his voice again, how much it had changed. My mom had me in a big hug, tears running off her cheek onto mine. I held my brother. afraid to lose him again. I was also hugging a., not wanting to lose her. My grandma had all of us. About an hour later we were all trying to talk. My dad was home and so were a.'s parents. They were hugging us and crying too. We had to tell them everything. It had felt so good.

A. and myself are now 18. We are still best friends. I have a new boyfriend and and so does a. We are in school and don't do drugs. We drink, but not much. I am so happy to be home again. We all really kinda forgot about why we ran away. We are not mad at one another. We are all so deeply in love with one another that it takes all of our anger away.

I'im watching my brother right now, babysitting. I remember hating it. I still do but it is so much better then what I ran to. I hate to think what would have happend if I had stayed away, not came back to my family, but I think it was good for a. and I to have experienced it for now we are all very, very thankful of what we have.

M y advice to you is, if you run away be sure to have a plan. I did. It was good enough, so well, seek advice before doing it. Sorry. So long bye bye ~a.~

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