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The course is divided into three sessions:
  1. pre-trip
  2. trip
  3. post-trip
Lizard Island

 lava tube 1. The pre-trip session will consist of assignments using the course web site. These assignments will focus on background information on Australia, the coral reef and rainforest ecosystems and impacts on biodiversity.  Emus
Undara  Kangaroos

2. The trip session will consist of a one week visit to Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, five-day visit to the rainforest at Raintree National Park and a 2-day trip to Undara in Qeensland's savanna outback. Several evening programs will be presented while on the trip. The following topics will be discussed: lava tube
  • Mechanisms of Evolution
  • Biogeography
  • Biodiversity and Speciation
  • Coral reef ecology
  • Rainforest ecology
  • Savanna ecology
  • Importance of biodiversity and threats

coral 3. Submission of reports and assignments will occur during the post trip session..

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