Photo Album From Costa Rica


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Guide briefing 10,000 ft above sea level - paramo or tropical tundra habitat Erin and her mom La Selva Biological Station Heliconia
La Selva Biological Station The bridge at La Selva Hiking and research in La Selva Zigia trees along Puerto Viegro river Epiphytic cactus
Poison Dart frog Sura tree sheds bark to retard epiphytes Underneath the Kapok tree La Selva watershed project Kerosene fruit
Bullet ants La Selva Arboretum Seedling research Fungal ascocarps Gandoca beach - group photo Dr. M and Roger
Joanna's presentation at ANAI Hatchery B Guarding the leatherback hatchery How to measure the carapace of a hatchling Volunteer beach clean-up

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