Sightseeing in China 2010To apply for the CHANCE China field course, please complete and return the FOUR application forms listed below along with an essay highlighting why you wish to take this course and how it will benefit your career goals. A letter of recommendation and an unofficial copy of your student transcript is also required.

Please send your complete application packet to:

Dr. Jacqueline S. McLaughlin
Penn State Lehigh Valley
2809 Saucon Valley Road
Center Valley, PA 18034-8447

Registration: Students who are accepted into this course will be officially registered through the Penn State Lehigh Valley Registrar Office for the spring semester of that academic year.

Vaccinations: It is highly advised that you consult with your physician immediately after acceptance in order to receive the proper vaccinations for China.

Passport and Visa: Please have a valid United States passport that will not be expiring in the next 6-months from the date of departure. Dr. McLaughlin will be sending out information as per Visa acquisition.

Deposit: A check in the amount of $1,000 payable to Penn State University will be required upon acceptance into the program.

DO NOT send money at this time!

1. Application Form

2. Agreement of Conduct Form

3. Emergency Contact Information

4. The Pennsylvania State University

*Your Judicial (if applicable) and Academic Records will be reviewed
as part of the application process.