The course is divided into three sessions:

1. PRE-TRIP: Preparation

2. TRIP: Experience

3. POST-TRIP: Synthesis

Tiananmen Square 1. PRE-TRIP SESSION

The pre-trip session will consist of electronic assignments using recommended web sites (see "Outline" link) and required readings over the months of Febuary, March, and April 2011. These assignments will focus on China’s economic development, natural resources, and the environment. Also included will be assignments that concern China's government, history, and culture.


Lake Tai ResearchThe field component of the 2011 embedded field course will consist of a seventeen-day excursion throughout Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Beijing, China. While in these areas, students will evaluate economic development, natural resources, and the environment to effectively understand global environmental sustainability, especially in the area of water conservation.

Hands-on research activities will focus on the real-world environmental issue of the eutrophication (oxygen death) of China’s third largest fresh water body, Lake Taihu, and will be carried out at Jiangnan University, School of Environmental and Civil Engineering.

Maintenance of a daily journal; attendance at all programs/presentations/panels and round-table discussions; fulfillment of a group research project on water pollution (design, implement, interpret, and present research); and participation in all field-based research and cultural activities (Mandarin, Chinese etiquette, and water painting lessons) are required. The numerous sightseeing and historical/cultural outings that have been carefully embedded in the trip component are also required (see “Itinerary” link).

Garden in China 3. POST-TRIP SESSION

Submission of selected journal entries; completed group research reports on China's water quality; complete post trip questions and reflections. (See "Outline" link for more information).

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