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Dr. McLaughlin


Cell and Developmental Biology
  Rutgers University / Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 1991

Cell and Developmental Biology
  Florida State University, 1984

New College, 1982
Phone: (610) 285-5109
E-mail: jshea@psu.edu


Dr. Jacqueline McLaughlin is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Penn State Berks-Lehigh Valley College where she instructs courses in biodiversity and evolution, human biology, physiology, development, and biotechnology. Presently, her research interests include the development and physiology of the vertebrate heart, exploring first-hand the biodiversity and bio-complexity of our world biomes, and the assessment of students’ learning when they are actively engaged in the utilization of visuals and interactive web-based modules.

McLaughlin and her students have recently explored the Galapagos Islands, tropical rain forest of Ecuador, the taiga, temperate rainforest and southeast oceanic islands of Alaska, the Great Barrier Reef, savannah and tropical rainforest of Australia, and the volcanoes and tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. Key to all her research is the production of interactive web-based learning tools that allow students and other instructors to “do” and “experience” biology in and out of the classroom. In this light, she has authored numerous web sites for Penn State University, The Biology Place, Pearson Publishing, and the Society for Developmental Biology.

McLaughlin was the recipient of the 1998 Teaching Excellence Award, Penn State Lehigh Valley campus, the 2001 Alumni Award: Outstanding Teacher, Penn State Berks-Lehigh Valley College, the 2001 Outstanding Teacher for a Four Year-College or University in the Nation, National Association of Biology Teachers, and was inducted into the Teaching and Learning Consortium Hall of Fame at Penn State University (2002), University Park. Her publication Breaking Out of the Box: Teaching Biology With Web-Based Active Learning Modules, appeared in the February, 2001 issue of The American Biology Teacher. Her most recent publication co-authored with Dr. Stam Zernanos, Teaching Biodiversity and Evolution through Travel Course Experiences, will appear in The American Biology Teacher this year. It is her “passion” for biology that drives her.

Dr. McLaughlin's web site can be viewed at www.lv.psu.edu/jxm57/.

Photo album from summer 2002 trip to Costa Rica

Photo album from summer 2001 trip to Australia


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