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The course is divided into three sessions:


Red Backed Spider Monkey

1. Pre-trip Session

The pre-trip session will consist of assignments using the course web site (see “Outline” link). These assignments will focus on background information on Costa Rica, its ecosystems, its history, culture, government, and the human impacts on biodiversity.

Owl Butterfly


2. Trip Session

The trip session will consist of a two week expedition through selected Costa Rican habitats. Daily programs, research activities, round-table discussion sessions, and/or participant presentations will occur while on the trip. Maintenance of a journal, and research of a selected species or the completion an independent research project in and out of the field is also required (see “Requirement” link).


The following topics, or ones related to these, will be discussed:

• Biogeography of Costa Rica
• Biodiversity and speciation
• Species richness and abundance
• Rainforest structure and stability
• Identifying the variety of life (flora and fauna) that exists in the rainforest
• Species interactions
• Evolutionary adaptations of rainforest organisms
• Ecosystems and their interactions
• Importance of biodiversity and threats (required reading, The Future of Life, E.O. Wilson)
• Humans and the environment
• Costa Rica’s rainforest conservation efforts
• Threatened, endangered and extinct species
• The plight of the Chelonia mydas (Atlantic Green) and the Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback) sea turtles (required reading, The Windward Road, Archie Carr)
• Conservation and research efforts of the Carribean Conservation Corporation (CCC) and the Asociacion ANAI

Buttress Roots

3. Post-trip Session

Submission of reports, journal entries, species assignments, and answers to questions that summarize the objectives of the course will occur during the post trip session (see “Outline” link for more information).

Bubble Flower

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