M/V Corinthian


June 23, 1999

OPTION 1: Leave Philadelphia International Airport; arrive in Quito, Ecuador and overnight at a local hotel.

June 24, 1999 Depart Quito early on a trip that will go across the Andes into the upper Amazon basin.  Several stops will be made to experience the various life zones we encounter.  Arrive at Butterfly Lode, just outside Jatun Sacha Biological Station.
June 25, 1999 Daylong hike through a primary rainforest.
June 26, 1999 Overnight stay at the indigenous Quichua village of Capirona. At the village we will gain a better understanding of the culture of these people.
June 27, 1999 Return to Jatun Sacha by dugout canoes.  Visit an animal rehabilitation center to see some animals native to the region.
June 28, 1999 Solo experience in the rainforest.  Visit the home of a local Shaman.  Night hike into the rainforest.
June 29, 1999 Depart Jatun Sacha for the Highlands of Ecuador.  After several stops, we will visit and overnight in the village of Banos.
June 30, 1999 Leave for Quito on a trip through the famous "Avenue of the Volcanoes."  Overnight in Quito.
July 1, 1999 Leave Quito and fly to San Critobal Island, Galapagos.   Meet the crew of the Corinthian and travel to Ochoa Beach.  Meet the OPTION 2 group.
July 2, 1999 Spend day visiting various sites on the Island of Espanola, including an opportunity swim and snorkel.
July 3, 1999 Spend day visiting the Island of Floreana, including swimming and snorkeling at Devil's Crown.
July 4, 1999 "Happy 4th of July! Spend day visiting various sites on Santa Cruz Island, including the Charles Darwin Research Station and an opportunity to shop.
July 5, 1999 Spend the entire day site seeing and swimming on Tower Island, one of the most spectacular islands in the Galapagos.
July 6, 1999 Visit the Island of Fernandina in the morning and then travel to Isabela, the largest of the Galapagos Islands.
July 7, 1999 Travel to the Island of Bartolome and spend the day hiking and swimming.  A side visit to South Plaza Island will also be included.
July 8, 1999 Return to San Cristobal by-way of Kicker Rock Islet. Leave for Quito by mid-afternoon. Overnight in Quito.
July 9, 1999 Following breakfast, we will leave for the airport for our flight home.

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