Germinating Seeds

On Day 39 for all experiments

Seeds of offspring in experiment one will be germinated in Petri dishes as described below: petri1.jpg - 10.8 K

  1. Moisten a piece of filter paper in a Petri dish, labeling the dish with name, your experiment number, the date, and the seed type. Pour off excess water.
  2. Place 25 of the harvested seeds in neat rows in the upper two-thirds of the filter paper.
  3. Place the Petri dish tilted on end in a water reservoir (large, blue, plastic tub) filled partially with water and under the light bank.
  4. After a few days, ie., when the anthocyanin trait can clearly be deciphered, observe seedlings and record phenotypes of your next generation.

sprouts.jpg - 20.1 K

Seeds of offspring in experiment two and experiment three will be germinated in quads as described below:

  1. Planting will be as given above for initial parental seeds,ie., in quads. Observe and record the phenotypes of your next generation after the first true leaves are produced and the variegated trait can be clearly identified.

plantlit.jpg - 4.0 K



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