Pollinating Flowers

bee3.JPG (7753 bytes) Prepare beesticks one to two days in advance of pollination. Beesticks are constructed by holding the honeybee by the wings and removing the abdomen, head, and legs. With a small drop of glue applied to the tip of a toothpick, glue the thorax to the toothpick by inserting the glue-covered tip in the hole left by the removal of the head and thorax. Bee sticks can be dried by sticking them into the bottom and sides of an inverted styrofoam cup.

On Days 14, 16, 18 for Experiment One and Three,
and Days 16, 18, 20 for Experiment Two

Pollinate as indicted below:

fol3.JPG (8128 bytes) a. Using a beestick, transfer pollen from one plant to another. As indicated in the diagram, gently touch the anthers of one flower with the tip of your beestick to collect the yellow pollen grains. Then, carefully deliver the pollen grains to the stigma of a flower of another plant. You need not be forceful, since pollinating is delicate work. Remember, in experiment one you must cross pollinate the F 1 purple stemmed plants. In experiment two you must cross the non-variegated plants to the variegated plants, and vice-versa. In experiment three you must cross No Purple (anthocyanin less), Yellow-Green Plants to the Purple (anthocyanin present) Green plants and vice versa. This is referred to a Reciprocal Pollination.
pol2.JPG (16247 bytes) b. Save the used bee sticks by inserting them into an appropriate cell of their respective quad. You can reuse them each time you pollinate if you label them accordingly.

c. To prevent "like" plants from pollinating each other in experiment two and three, place a 5 in. by 8 in. index card supported by two stakes across each quad, separating plants of the same phenotype. For instance, one variegated and one green leafed plant should be on each side of the index card. Be sure flowers do not extend above the cards. If they do, substitute a larger card.

d. It is recommended that you pollinate between 6 to 8 flowers on each plant. Three separate pollinations must be performed on each flower on the days indicated for each experiment.


day2039.JPG (6874 bytes)

On Days 20 to 39 - For all experiments
Remove and discard all new buds and shoots for the next 2 weeks.


Remember, your Introduction is due on exact date will be announced!

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