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Dr. Jacqueline McLaughlinDr. Jacqueline McLaughlin

The Pennsylvania State University - Lehigh Valley
Associate Professor of Biology
CHANCE Founding Director

Jacqueline S. McLaughlin is Associate Professor of Biology at The Pennsylvania State University, Lehigh Valley campus. McLaughlin received her Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology from Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 1991. McLaughlin is Founding Director of the international Connecting Humans and Nature through Conservation Experiences (CHANCE)program, an educational outreach and professional development program whose overarching goal is to educate high school science teachers and students, and undergraduate students in conservation biology and global environmental sustainability. Her research interests include international programming and assessment, teaching and learning with technology, and the use of open-ended inquiry in science education. Full biography »

Dr. Kathleen FadiganDr. Kathleen Fadigan

The Pennsylvania State University - Abington
Assistant Professor of Science Education
Department of Education

Dr. Fadigan is an Assistant Professor of Science Education and the Program Coordinator of the Childhood and Early Adolescent Education (CEAED) degree at the Abington College. She earned her Ed.D. in Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Education from Temple University in 2003. She teaches courses in both science education and biology. Since 2007, she has served as a co-instructor for the CHANCE field study in Costa Rica and Panama. Her research interests include informal science education, science fairs, and gender equity in science. Faculty profile »

Dr. Jacqueline McLaughlinDr. Karen Kackley-Dutt

The Pennsylvania State University - Lehigh Valley
Instructor of Biology

Dr. Karen Kackley is Instructor of Biology at Penn State University, Lehigh Valley Campus. She teaches courses in introductory biology, ecology, environmental science, and cultural botany for both majors and non-majors. Previously she taught horticulture, botany, and plant pathology courses at the University of Maryland. Dr. Kackley established the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory at Rutgers University. She has held various turf and ornamental horticulture positions with Monsanto, the Scotts Company and the J.R. Peters Testing Laboratory. While her formal training is in plant biology and microbiology, Dr. Kackley considers herself a naturalist and enlivens field studies with her interest of animals, especially birds and insects, and fungi. Her research interests include plant/microbe interactions, microbial ecology and conservation biology.

Darin S. MunsellDarin S. Munsell

Doctoral Research Assistant
Illinois Institute of Technology

Darin Munsell is a doctoral student and research assistant at Illinois Institute of Technology working under Dr. Norman G. Lederman. Darin has devoted his doctoral work it the pursuit of improving the accessibility of high-level Inquiry or open-inquiry experiences for undeserved students including those with lower skills and special needs. Darin completed his undergraduate work in Biology and Science Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his masters’ work at Illinois Institute of Technology in Science Education. Darin's ten years of teaching experience are wide ranging including urban, rural, and international settings with diverse populations of students. Darin has also completed a number of graduate level environmental science field courses over the years and utilizes these experiences to bring real-world environmental education experiences to students in both urban and rural environments. Darin's accomplishments include procuring over $125,000 in grants to establish outdoor classrooms in Chicago schoolyards. Additionally, Darin regularly leads a week-long marine coastline field study for high school Biology students. Most recently, Darin has become involved with the Connecting Humans and Nature through Conservation Experiences (CHANCE) program at Penn State University, and is working with CHANCE to inspire a new generation of teachers to embrace Environmental Science in their curriculum and expand the teachers' skills in delivering open-inquiry experiences for all of their students.

Darin S. MunsellDr. Juan Mate

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)
Coastal and Marine Advisor

Dr. Mate obtained both his Ph.D. and master's degree in marine biology and fisheries from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami. He holds a bachelor's degree in biology with honors (concentration in zoology) from the University of Panama. He has been a lecturer at Princeton University, the University of Panama, and Panama International Maritime University. He is a member of the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean, the International Society for Reef Studies, and the Asociación Panameña para el Avance de la Ciencia. He has presented at the International Coral Reef Symposium (multiple years) and has been involved in numerous research projects both independently and with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. He has an interactive, dynamic, and visual field-based teaching style, which complements his vast theoretic, laboratory, and field experiences.His research interests include: coral reef ecology; coral reef genetic connectivity, coral reproductive strategies; El Niño sea warming effects related to coral bleaching; conservation biology, nutrient effects on coral reefs; coral taxonomy, ecological aspects of marine natural products.

Read Juan Mate's complete CV »

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