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Content areas to be included, but are not limited to: HIPPO, biogeography of Central America and Panama; biodiversity and speciation; species richness and abundance; rainforest, coral reef, mangrove, and sea grass structure and stability; identifying the variety of life (flora and fauna)in aforementioned ecosystems; species interactions; evolutionary adaptations and niche selection of organisms in aforementioned ecosystems; importance of biodiversity and threats (required reading, The Future of Life, E.O. Wilson); US and Panama conservation efforts; threatened, endangered and extinct species in US and Panama; the plight of the Atlantic Green and the Leatherback sea turtles (required reading, The Windward Road, Archie Carr); global climate change and research evidence to support it; ecological and economic challenges of the 21st century; global environmental sustainability; global water supply and issues; NGO's and governmental organizations and their work in conservation world-wide; and, biodiversity of the world's biomes.

Information on these and other topics will be posted soon.

I. Reading and Online Assignments

II. Field Presentations/Forums and Programs

III. Journal Assignments

IV. Species Assignments

V. Field-based Research Assignments

VI. Additional Information

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