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Robert E. Sentz

Associate Professor of Engineering

M.S.Lehigh University
B.S.Lehigh University

Phone: (610) 285-5121 Fax: (610) 285-5220
E-mail: Office: Room 145

For the past 35 years, Robert Sentz has taught undergraduate students at Penn State Lehigh Valley. In those 35 years he has pursued scholarly interests and taught adults at a number of companies; but he is always drawn back to teaching undergraduates.

"I really enjoyed teaching the older adults, especially the professional engineer, but my heart is in the classroom preparing undergraduates for the rigors of the engineering field," says Mr. Sentz.

Mr. Sentz coauthored the textbook, "Feedback Amplifiers,' with fellow faculty member Professor Robert Bartkowiak. And he wrote 'Voltage and Power Amplifiers" plus a series of study guides for electronics companies. He also wrote the study guide for AC/DC Circuits, an independent study course, for the University.

Mr. Sentz began his teaching career when Penn State Lehigh Valley was still offering associate degree programs in engineering. After the campus dropped associate degrees and moved into offering the first two years of most of the University's majors, Mr. Sentz devoted himself to teaching and advising.

He comes in contact with all the engineering majors on campus either in the classroom, in his role as faculty advisor, or in his position as college representative for the Department of Engineering. "I make sure I am fully involved with all aspects of my students' education. T'hey are making important life decisions and I want them to know they can count on me for support and guidance," remarks the associate professor.

He is a graduate of Lehigh University, holding his undergraduate and graduate degrees from that institution. Mr. Sentz is a registered professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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